10 Reasons You Should Visit Morjim If You Visit Goa

Morjim is one of the folk-culture-centric towns in North Goa. Amongst the hustle bustle of Goa’s beach culture, this town offers a serene locality and atmosphere. The resorts of Morjim along the coastline of Morjim beach will add to the extravagant experience to your vacation here. There are ample reasons one should visit Morjim apart from culture is offers. Let’s learn ten of the many reasons.

1.    Olive Ridley Sea Turtles – Endangered Species

Morjim beach is home to this exotic Olive Ridley sea Turtles. A naturalist or a sea animal enthusiast could spend hours observing the movement of these tiny turtles.

Turtle Nesting on Morijm Beach

2.    Goan Cuisine – Deliciously Exquisite

Fishes like tuna, snappers, mussels, etc. are worth to be savoured. Bebinca and other desserts await to be tasted by their admirers and foodies. A foodie will never be satiated how much ever the mouth-watering and sumptuous delicacies he/she hogs. Morjim is undoubtedly a gastronomical delight.

3.    Morjim Beach – Calm And Tranquil

Morjim beach is one of the scenic, shallow-watered, animal inhabited and serene beaches of Goa. The exclusive white-sand beach has limited shacks and a line of restaurants open until wee hours to party and at the same time relax for an undivided time.

Spending Time on Morjim Beach

4.    Dolphins – See The Magical Creatures

If you are excited to see dolphins, their wide curvy smiles and suave dives they take in water, Morjim beach is the terrific location. There are dolphin tours operated by the resorts of Morjim.

Dolphin Trip on Morjim Beach, Goa

5.    Houseboat Cruise At Chapora River – Relax Your Nerves

Experience picturesque views, beautiful sunrise and sunset while you stay at one of the houseboats at Chapora river along the coast of Morjim beach. This will deliver you unmeasured tranquility to cherish for a lifetime.

Houseboat Trip at Morjim Chapora River

6.    Chapora Fort – A Structure From History

In addition to enjoying the balmy weather and wonderful location, Chapora fort adds a tinge of historic significance. The fort is also known as Shahpura or Town of Shah. It was built in the 17th century as a watch post.

Chapora Fort near Morjim Beach

7.    Kite Surfing And Flyboarding – An Adrenaline Rush

Kitesurfing and Flyboarding are taught by experienced instructors at Morjim beach. It is a very safe and cosy environment to take up these adventure activities.

Kite Surfing And Flyboarding at Morjim Beach

8.    Morjim Fishing Market – Relish Your Taste Buds

Just behind the beach is the very popular Siolim fish market of Morjim. You will find varied species of fish like red and white snappers, mackerel, tuna, tiger prawns, lobsters, mussels, squid and many more. Spend some rejuvenating time cooking your favourite fish here.

Buying Fish at Morjim Fish Market

9.    Bird Watching – See The Flock Move Through The Sky

Morjim beach is a habitat for multifarious migratory birds. The species of birds that arrive here every year comprise Sand Plover, Back back shrike, Turnstones, Cuckoo, Quills, Sandpiper, and many more kinds.

Bird Watching on Morjim Beach

10.    Exotic Goan Locales – Walk Hand In Hand

Morjim has many villas, cottages, old style bungalows to live and relinquish your time. The narrow lanes flanked by palm cultivation and the fresh breeze of both the river and seacoast deliver mixed weather to this location. 

Morjim Queen Beach Resort, Goa

Goa is one of the yearned places in India due to its free atmosphere and exotic locals.